Letter Cards - make your own flash cards
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       Flash cards shouldn't be boring.  Print your own and have the child decorate them and make them their own.  Great for letter and spelling games.

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ABCs you can make and decorate yourself


Free ABCs, print and decorate your own letters

      Letter Cards:  Print out the letter cards, and have the young student color the letters with crayons or paint or markers.  Use heavier paper than typewriter paper (or card stock) if you have it.  Put glue on the letters, and sprinkle glitter on them, or cut out fancy colored paper or tin foil in the shape of the letter, and paste over the printed letter on the card.  Making the letter cards is a good first way of introducing the letters, showing them, talking about how they are written, choosing how to color them.   “This is an ‘R’.  Can you trace the ‘R’ with your finger?  Start at the top and draw the line straight down, then the curved part, and last the leg goes down.”  Color the letter, then have the child put Elmer’s-type glue on the letter—you can wipe off anyplace the child has accidentally gone outside the letter’s line with a damp cloth-- and sprinkle glitter on it (Do this on a larger sheet of scrap paper, fold the scrap paper in half before you use the glitter,  and pour the excess glitter back into the container.)  Try to use red glitter, for example, on several different cards.  If you use red glitter for ‘A’, you should use red glitter for ‘H’  and ‘P’ also.  You want your child to learn that this shape is an ‘A’, and not just the color of glitter.  The glitter and colors make the learning exciting and important.  Aluminum foil makes a shiny, silvery texture.  Don’t try to teach too many letters at a time, though it is good to have a piece of paper up on the wall with the entire alphabet.  If you have taught your child his or her full name, and maybe the name of a sibling or pet (or more), fill in the rest of the alphabet he doesn’t know.

Fun to decorate, fun to learn


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Card Stock

     These letters are best printed on "Card Stock", a heavier paper that will make them stand up better.  Card Stock should be available at all office supply stores; it works with all printers.  Its great for other craft projects, too. 

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