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     Free printable US state maps—for learning the geography and history of the US states and capitals.  Outline maps showing state borders and coastlines, or labeled, detailed US state maps, to teach the geography and history of each of the 50 U.S. States.  Labeled maps show rivers, lakes, capital city and other major cities, to give students a clear idea of the state.  

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Click on a State below to go to a LABELED MAP of that state.  For Unlabeled US State Maps Click Here

Labeled Maps of the United States

Alabama Map
Alaska Map
Arizona Map
Arkansas Map
California Map
Colorado Map
Connecticut Map
Delaware Map
Florida Map
Georgia Map
Hawaii Map
Idaho Map
Illinois Map
Indiana Map
Iowa Map
Kansas Map
Kentucky Map

Louisiana Map
Maine Map
Maryland Map
Massachusetts Map
Michigan Map
Minnesota Map
Mississippi Map
Missouri Map
Montana Map
Nebraska Map
Nevada Map
New Hampshire Map
New Jersey Map
New Mexico Map
New York Map
North Carolina Map

North Dakota Map
Ohio Map
Oklahoma Map
Oregon Map
Pennsylvania Map
Rhode Island Map
South Carolina Map
South Dakota Map
Tennessee Map
Texas Map
Utah Map
Vermont Map
Virginia Map
Washington Map
West Virginia Map
Wisconsin Map
Wyoming Map

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     Use these maps of the United States to teach the geography and history of each state.  State maps are made to print on color or black and white printers.  Maps print full size automatically with any computer printer.

LABELED MAPS, for Unlabeled US State Maps Click Here

United States Map Puzzle
     Learn the states of the United States and their capitals with this fun and educational puzzle game. How fast can you put all of the states in the right places? Free Software!
States and capitals of the U.S.

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