Learn World Geography with this free map puzzle      Learn World geography with a free interactive map that teaches the physical features of the world—rivers, mountains, lakes, deserts and rainforests.     The Monsoon in China - How chinese agriculture fed so many people

Learn the geography of Asia with this free map puzzle    

World Features Map Puzzle

Mountains and Rivers, Deserts and Rainforests


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Learn the geography of Asia with this free map puzzle.     You can give your children the geographical framework that will help them understand so much else that they study, with free interactive maps. Geography is spatial, why not study it spatially?
     The heart of geography, and even the source of its name is the map—a picture of the world which organizes our understanding of places. Manipulating a map, assembling it, is the best way to learn where features are, and how near or far they are to each other. The map is a framework that brings other knowledge together and makes the world understandable.
     The "what?" and the "where?" are a necessary beginning to understanding the "who?" and the "why?"
     Here are the major rivers, mountains, deserts and rainforests that have influenced and continue to influence where and how human beings live on the earth. Students need not just names, but a permanent picture of the world in their minds. Geography is real places, and a map represents those places much better than words can. Knowing where the Gobi desert, the Yangtze river, the Himalayan mountains are helps to orient a student in the world in a meaningful way.
     The action and movements of peoples from pre-history to the nightly news are all influenced by the physical features of the earth. Our world is not just continents and seas, but also the mountains and deserts that separated cultures and the rivers and lakes that provided places to live and farm.


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