World Features Map Puzzle

World Features Map Puzzle

Click and drag the puzzle piece to the appropriate place on the map. Scroll by holding the mouse near the edge of the map. Hints are below the map.

World Features Map Puzzle Hints

African Rain
The Alps
Amazon Rain Forest
Amazon River
Andes Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
Aral Sea
Caspian Sea
Congo River
Danube River
Ganges River
Gobi Desert
Great Barrier Reef
Great Bear Lake
Great Lakes
Great Sandy/Victoria Desert
Great Slave Lake
Huang Ho River
Lake Baikal
Lake Titicaca
Lake Victoria
Mackenzie River
Mekong River
Mississippi River
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Niger River
Nile River
Ob River
Paran�/Rio de la Plata Rivers
Pyrenees Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Sahara Desert
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Ural Mountains
Volga River
Yangtze River
Yenisei River

The African Rainforest is the basin of the Congo River in west central Africa.   Back

The Alps are just north of Italy. Italy is the peninsula into the Mediterranean that is (famously) shaped like a boot.   Back

The Amazon River in the northern third of South America, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.   Back

The Amazon Rainforest is the basin of the Amazon River, in South America.   Back

The Andes Mountains follow the west coast of South America.   Back

The Appalachians run from Maine to Georgia on the east coast of the US.   Back

The Aral Sea is a little east of the upper part of the Caspian Sea, and due south of the Ural Mountains.   Back

The Caspian Sea is directly to the east of the Black Sea, due north of the Persian Gulf.   Back

The Congo River empties into the Atlantic Ocean, about one-quarter of the way south from the Bight of Biafra ( the inside angle in the western coast of Africa).   Back

The Danube River flows east through Europe into the Black Sea (which is the sea to the north east of the Mediterranean).   Back

The Ganges River flows west across northern India with its mouth at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, which is between India and south east Asia.   Back

The Gobi Desert is on a line of longitude with Vietnam (in the rounded peninsula of South East Asia) but on a latitude with northern Japan.   Back

Great Bear Lake connects to the McKenzie River in northern Canada.   Back

The Great Barrier Reef extends from just south of New Guinea along the north-eastern shore of Australia.   Back

The Great Lakes are in North America, about one-third of the way south from Hudson's Bay (the very large bay in Canada) to the southern coast of the US. Put them under the "point" of water on the southern end of Hudson's Bay (James Bay).   Back

The Great Sandy/Victorian Desert is in western Australia.   Back

Great Slave Lake is at the south end of the McKenzie River on a latitude with the entrance to Hudson's Bay.   Back

The Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, are north of India, separating India from the rest of Asia, at about the same latitude as the Mediterranean Sea.    Back

The Huang Ho River, in northern China, empties into the Yellow Sea (which connects to the Pacific Ocean). It is north of the Yangtze River.   Back

Lake Baikal is in Asia, just to the north of Mongolia, and way south of the large piece of Russia that sticks up toward the north pole. It is on a latitude with the northern tip of the most northerly island of Japan.   Back

Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes Mountains of South America, just inland of where the west coast indents.   Back

Lake Victoria is about halfway between the Horn of Africa (the pointed tip of east Africa) and the island of Madagascar, just a bit inland.   Back

The Mackenzie River empties into the Arctic Ocean just east of the division between Canada and Alaska (there is a large inlet where the border is).   Back

The mouth of the Mekong River is in Vietnam, in southeast Asia, the peninsula at the corner of Asia, but not the thin Malay peninsula. It flows into the South China Sea.   Back

The Mississippi River flows south into the Gulf of Mexico, with its mouth at the small peninsula formed by its delta.   Back

Mt. Fuji is in the middle part of Japan.   Back

Mt. Kilimanjaro is halfway between the Horn of Africa (the pointed part on the east coast) and the island of Madagascar, just a bit inland.   Back

The Niger River flows south into the Atlantic Ocean just west of the Bight of Biafra (the inside bend in the west coast of Africa).   Back

The Nile flows north in Africa into the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.   Back

The Ob River flows into the Arctic Ocean, through the deep indentation into northern Russia known as the Gulf of Ob.   Back

The Paran�/Rio de la Plata empties into the deep bay (indent) on the southern part of the east coast of South America.   Back

The Pyrenees Mountains are in Europe, between France and Spain.   Back

The Rocky Mountains are roughly parallel to the west coast of North America., almost one-third of the way across the United States.   Back

The Sahara Desert in is the north of Africa.   Back

The Tigris and the Euphrates are two rivers which empty into the northern end of the Persian Gulf, which is between Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.   Back

The Ural Mountains run almost to the Arctic Ocean, dividing Northern Europe from Northern Asia. They are on a north-south line (longitude) with the eastern tip of the Arabian peninsula and Novaya Zemblya, the largest island of northern Russia.   Back

The Volga River flows south, west of the Ural mountains and south of the White Sea (which is what separates the Scandinavian peninsula from Russia) into the Caspian Sea.   Back

The Yangtze River is in southern China, emptying into the South China Sea, south of the Huang Ho. Its mouth is on the same latitude as southern Japan.   Back

The Yenisei River flows into the Arctic ocean, just east of the Ob. Its mouth is an indentation just west of the large protrusion of Northern Russia into the Arctic Ocean.   Back

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