Map of Vermont, major cities, states and capitals

Vermont state flag
Vermont State Flag

Vermont state flower

Photo: Tony Wills

Red clover — State Flower


Vermont is a state in the Northeastern United States, and is a part of the New England Region of the country.

Date first discovered by Europeans: It is not certain who was the first European to explore Vermont, but Jacques Cartier was one of the first in 1535.

Date admitted to US: 1791, as the first state after the thirteen original colonies.

Capital: Montpelier

Largest City: Burlington

Area: 9,616

Area rank: 45th

Population: 626,582

Population rank: 49th

Electoral votes: 3

Vermont was once an independent republic, formed by settlers from New Hampshire that resisted attempts from the colony of New York to control the land they had settled upon. After armed conflict, the settlers of New Connecticut decided to form their own republic, naming it Vermont.

Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery, as the constitution written by the new republic had provisions for abolition of slavery, suffrage for all free men, and public schools. Through the laws regarding abolition were often broken, Vermont still served as a part of the Underground Railroad.

Vermont became the first state to both allow women to vote in elections, through which elections they could vote in were limited. Vermont also became the first state to allow civil marriage between members of the same sex.

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