Map of Nebraska, major cities, states and capitals

Nebraska state flag
Nebraska State Flag

Nebraska state flower
Goldenrod — State Flower


Nebraska is a landlocked state located in the central United States, in both the Great Plains and the Midwest region. The Missouri river creates the eastern border of the state.

Date first discovered by Europeans: Some scholars claim that Father Marquette (French) first explored and described what is now Nebraska in 1763.

Date admitted to US: 1867

Capital: Lincoln

Largest City: Omaha

Area: 77,354

Area rank: 16th

Population: 1,896,190

Population rank: 37th

Terrain: The eastern portion of the state is home to the Dissected Till Plains, a region of rolling hills that were scoured by glaciers. The rest of the state is typical of the Great Plains, and is home to flat plains that consist mostly of treeless prairie and fertile farmland.

Electoral votes: 5

Nebraska has a lot of weather, between warm summers and cold wet winters, with a lot of variance between the seasons in temperatures and precipitation. Thunderstorms are common in spring and summer, and the state lies in the region known as Tornado Alley, named for the frequent tornados.

Western Nebraska is home to Chimney rock, a distinct rock formation that settlers along the Oregon Trail used as a landmark. The formation is still visible to modern day travelers on Nebraska Route 92, through it is much shorter nowadays due to both erosion and lightning.

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