Map of Delaware, major cities, states and capitals

Delaware state flag
Delaware State Flag

Delaware state flower

Photo: Fir0002

Peach blossom — Delaware State Flower


Delaware is a small state on the Atlantic Coast. 
  Date first discovered by Europeans: In 1631, by the Dutch.
  Date admitted to US: 1787, and was the first state to ratify the constitution
  Capital: Dover
  Largest City: Wilmington
  Terrain: The geography of Delaware is flat and mostly level, with the lowest mean elevation of any state in the U.S. The highest point, Ebright Azimuth, only reaches 447.85 feet above sea level.
  Area: 1,982 sq. mi
  Area rank: 49th
  Population: 945,934
  Population rank: 45th
  Electoral votes: 3
  Delaware is the only state to have a border described by the arc of a circle.
It was named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron de la Warr, Virginia’s first colonial governor and an English nobleman.
  Delaware’s state bird is the Delaware Blue Hen, which can be traced back to the Revolutionary War.

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