Map of Connecticut, major cities, states and capitals

Connecticut state flag
Connecticut State Flag

Connecticut state flower

Photo: Kurt Stüber

Mountain Laurel — Connecticut State Flower


Much of southwestern Connecticut is part of the New York Metropolitan Area. This is the richest and most urbanized part of the state. The state animal of Connecticut is the sperm whale. Unfortunately, interest in the whale was originally as a product, not as an animal. New London was a major whaling port; the longest whaling voyage left from there on the ship the Nile.
  Date first discovered by Europeans: Adriaen Block (Dutch)
  Date admitted to US: One of the 13 original colonies
  Capital: Hartford
  Largest City: Bridgeport
  Landscape: Connecticut is bisected by the Connecticut River. It goes from rolling hills in the north down to the seacoast. Despite its significant maritime history, Connecticut has no direct access to the Atlantic Ocean; Long Island Sound, which is the route to the Atlantic from Connecticut ports, is part of New York State.
  Population rank: 29th
  Population: 3,590,886
  Area rank: third smallest
  Area: 5,543 sq mi
  Electoral votes: 7
  The original charter for Connecticut, granted by Charles II, granted Connecticut all the land to the west to the "South Sea" (i.e. the Pacific Ocean).


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