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     Resources to teach US Geography—Geography games, puzzles and maps of the United States.  It’s a big country out there, and most kids have only seen some bits of it.  Owl and Mouse Educational Software hopes to help kids learn not only the names of places in the US, but to capture some of the adventure  and vastness—the sense of how very different one place is from another—in the US.

Interactive Map Showing the US States and Capitals

Map Puzzle of the US States and Capitals, to learn the locations and names of the states and their capitals.


States and Capitals by Region, learn states and their capitals one region of the US at a time

Map Puzzle to Learn the Physical Features of the United States

Detailed Printable Maps of the US States, Labeled, and Unlabeled

Printable Maps of the US and All of the States ,  can be printed in large sizes, up to 6 feet across.

US Physical Features Map - Cut and Paste,  Cut and paste (scissors and glue) the features—mountains, lakes, etc.—of the US onto the map.

Map of the US A

     There has been a decline of the cross-country car trip (which some may count as a blessing).  Hot (it was usually in the summer) with fussy, unhelpful siblings, and maybe the family dog, it gave a sense of places—city, farm, small towns, deserts, mountains, rivers that you traveled through.   We want to help students understand that when the Pilgrims landed near Plymouth Rock, and when the pioneers took their wagons on the Oregon trail, they were heading West, into the unknown. They knew they could never go back.  Now we—their descendents plus many, many others—fly almost casually from one coast to the other, and we can always go back to where we started—geographically, at least.
     Even more than the magnificent swath of a continent, plus two pieces, the US is the ideals upon which our nation was founded.  The United States in the first country to be founded upon a set of principles—freedom, equality and tolerance. 

U.S. Map Puzzle
     Learn the states of the United States and their capitals with this fun and educational puzzle game. How fast can you put all of the states in the right places? Free Software!

States and capitals of the U.S.

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