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The name of the Republic of Nigeria derives from the Niger River, which flows through the country. Nigeria is known as the 'Giant of Africa', as it is the most populous country in Africa. It is located at the "corner" of the Bight of Biafra, on the Atlantic Ocean. Until 1903, the area was ruled by the Fulani Empire. Their successor was the Igbo people of Nri, who ruled until 1911, when the British claimed the land. Several groups fought for independence against British forces.
Though regional differences remained, such as northern Nigeria banning slavery later than the rest of the country, Britain united the area now known as Nigeria in 1914. The country became independent in 1960. From 1967—1970 there was a bitter civil war as Biafra, the oil-rich area of the southeast, tried to secede. Up to three million people died in the conflict. There was a series of coups in 1985 and rigged elections until 1999, when democracy was at last restored.
Many Nigerians have emigrated to other countries due to poor economic situations in Nigeria, including over a million Nigerians who have moved to the United States. Nigeria has barely explored its mineral resources, and yet it has the largest amount of mineral resources in the world. Environmental concern about the Nigerian delta is high, as oil refineries, factories and deliberate breaks in the pipelines for theft constantly create spills, and poor waste management pumps sewage into the watershed. As quarrels over ownership and management of the delta among government, companies, and environmental agencies continue, Nigeria cannot export oil at 100% capacity. Still, Nigeria is the largest sub-Saharan trading partner with the US as of 2013.
Nigeria has its own version of Hollywood, Nollywood, that is an extremely lucrative industry. Nigeria produces more films every than the U.S. Nigeria has four satellites in orbit, which is monitored by the Space Research and Development Agency Headquarters. The country has its own football team the Super Eagles. Since 2008, it is estimated that the population of Nigeria makes up 18% of Africa's population. The country is approximately 50% Christian and 50% Muslim.

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