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      Europe, the western and smaller part of the Eurasian land mass, goes from the Mediterranean Sea in the south up into the Arctic to the north, and to the Atlantic Ocean on the west, bordering Asia to the east.  The border with Asia is not distinct, and opinions as to its exact location vary, but it is generally that the Ural Mountains divide Europe from Asia, and that the division goes through Turkey and the Black Sea.  To the north east are the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Norwegian Sea.
     Europe is the second smallest inhabited continent.  Europe generally lacks the extremes of other continents—it is beautiful in many places, but generally it is not spectacular—it does not have the deepest or largest lake or canyon; not the highest mountain or largest mountain range; not the largest or driest (or any) desert; the largest or longest river.  Mt Etna, in one of her moods, is spectacular in the night sky, but is not the largest or most frequently erupting volcano.

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