Find more free software      FREE:   Pre-schoolers learn consonant blending playing an educational alphabet game. A pre-reading activity for young children to learn beginning phonics. Free Software!    


Beginning phonics




Letter Sounds - Blends

     Letter Sounds part 2 - Free Software for learning consonant blending.

     FREE educational software.  Letter Sounds - Blends teaches children how combine letters and the sounds they represent to make words. Children choose the first two letters that blend to form the sounds at the beginnings of words.  The program says the word to make sure the correct word is associated with the picture shown, and to reinforce the correct sound produced by the combined letters.  The child hears the word, spells it out and sees a picture representing the word, to make sure learning comes together.


Play the online version of Letter Sounds - Blends.  No downloading.  PC or Mac:

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Letter Sounds
FREE! Children learn letter sound relationships playing a free educational phonics games using the modalities - sight, sound, movement - that a computer makes possible. Letter sound games for young children to learn beginning phonics. Free Software.

Letter Sounds  - Children choose the correct letter that begins the word.

Letter Sounds - 'S' Blends  - Blending 's' and another consonant to make the initial sound of a of a word.

Letter Sounds - Short Vowels  - Selecting the correct short vowel to begin a word

Letter Sounds - Long Vowels  - Selecting the correct long vowel to begin a word

Beginning reading

Learn to Read by Reading
Bridge to Reading
"When learning to read is fun, children read"

Learn the names and shapes of letters

  Learn Letters
    Knowing the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent puts a child on the road to reading. Learn Letters from Owl and Mouse Educational Software is FREE software that teaches the names and shapes of the letters of the alphabet.

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