Find more free software        A great way to reinforce learning the alphabet.  Trace letters on a child's hand, with their eyes closed, so that they think about the shape of the letter.
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Palm Letters

Teach the ABCs by 'drawing' the letters on your child's palm

     Palm Letters—take the child’s hand, palm up, as if you were “reading their palm”.  Have the child close their eyes (or at least look away) and “draw” a letter on their whole palm with your index finger.  Do the lines in the same order as you would write them with a pencil.   It is generally best to start with the capital letters, when there is a difference between the capital and the lower case letter.  Have the child draw letters in your palm while you close your eyes, and you tell them what letter they have written.  Easy to do while waiting for an appointment, or a bus, etc.—no materials needed, no mess.

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